Sailing in Key West

Sailing tours in Key West are one of the best ways to experience the island.

Sailing and Snorkeling Tours

Key West does not have beautiful beaches, or particularly clear water near shore. For the most beautiful water, beaches and coral reef experiences, visitors must go offshore by boat.

Sandbar Tours

The beaches in Key West are not actually very nice. They’re small, man-made, and are usually crowded. The best beaches in Key West are located on islands and sandbars near Key West, rather on the island itself.

Many sailboat tours take guests to sandbars. Catamaran sailboat tours are especially nice because they are able to enter shallow waters due to their shallow draft. Catamarans are also much more stable, more spacious and more comfortable than monohull sailboats.

Dry Tortugas National Park Ferry and Tours

Dry Tortugas National Park is difficult to access. The only way to get to the Dry Tortugas island chain is via seaplane, public ferry, or private boat. For many people, private sailing tours to Dry Tortuga National Park is the best way to access the island, especially for multi-day visits. Comfortable, stable catamarans provide a fast, comfortable and practical way to experience the beautiful coral reefs near Dry Tortugas National Park, and have all of the comforts of home while on board.

Sunset Tours

Sunset in Key West is a magical experience. It can feel like the entire island stops to watch the sun sink beneath the water. Conch horns blow, and sometimes crowds of people burst into applause. Sunset sailing tours in Key West are a great way to see the sunset, and have a unique experience on the water. Many sunset sailing tours in Key West also offer dinner, drink and other options.

Sailing Lessons

There are many options for sailboat charters in Key West. Most, if not all, include captains, although some may also include “Bare boat” charter options, where a captain is not included with the boat. Most captains will provide guests as much, or as little, sailing lessons and instruction as the desire. There are also a number of sailing clubs in Key West and nearby which provide sailing lesson options for members. Some have offerings for temporary memberships which include sailing lessons.

Sailboat Rentals

Sailboat rentals used to be more common than they are today, although some options still exist. Most sailboat rentals will offer small day sailors, beach catamarans or other small dinghies. Several resorts in Key West offer sailboat rentals, almost solely in the form of beach catamarans.

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